Is car insurance more expensive in alabama?

The average cost of auto insurance in Alabama is 3% lower than the national average auto insurance premium, and Alabama is 29th out of 50 for the most affordable auto insurance rates in the U.S. UU. There are several factors that affect how much you will pay for car insurance in Alabama, including record driving, age,. Weather: Places that experience harsher weather tend to have slightly higher insurance premiums, everything else stays the same.

Severe weather events such as storms, floods and tornadoes are becoming increasingly common in Alabama, raising insurance rates due to weather-related car accidents. Car insurance in Alabama is slightly cheaper than the national average, but not all companies offer the cheapest rates or the best coverage. With the above knowledge and classification methods, Insurify can offer car insurance buyers an insight into how various insurance providers compare to each other in terms of cost and quality. They are the cheapest states for auto insurance largely because they have a low population density and relatively few uninsured drivers.

Teen driver insurance in Alabama costs considerably more than the rate shown for a 20-year-old driver. The amount of coverage you purchase affects the cost of car insurance in Alabama, especially with regard to your liability limits and whether it includes comprehensive and collision insurance. The average cost of car insurance in Alabama is higher for drivers who have a citation for a traffic violation, DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol), or an at-fault accident on their driving record. Insurify analyzed car insurance rates in the twenty most populous cities in Alabama and selected the following providers and quotes as the best rates for drivers in Alabama.

According to Insurify's internal data, this is the average cost of car insurance rates for drivers in the top 10 cities in Alabama. The cheapest states for car insurance are Iowa, Vermont, and Nebraska, according to the WalletHub Cheap Car Insurance Study. The way to find the insurer with the best ratings for car insurance in Alabama and save on your insurance premiums is to compare quotes from all the companies in your area. Drivers in Alabama who have been caught speeding could find the cheapest car insurance with State Farm.

Average rates make Alabama the 24th most expensive state in the country for auto insurance rates and 7% less expensive than the national average. Car insurance costs will vary between locations and insurance companies, depending on the county of Alabama.

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